Pattern offers UI/UX, monetization and analytics consulting services for digital products. A clear user experience makes a huge difference to a product’s retention, conversion and engagement, and we're applying the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained from working with some of the biggest brands.

"Jim brings a ton of experience, insight, versatility and great work ethic to the table. He ramped up quickly, grasping each situation with its inherent usability challenges, and was able to offer pragmatic and creative solutions right away."

- Tara Jauregui, Art Director at Electronic Arts



Fail fast to succeed sooner. One of the best ways to do this is to create documentation that can be put in front of key stakeholders, development teams or even real users. The faster you can get your data, the better informed you will be to make crucial decisions on how to turn your wood puppet into a real boy (or leave him on the shelf).


“Will it fly?” If you’ve ever made a paper airplane, it’s the first thing you ask yourself before that maiden voyage. The first step is to build it, and this is an essential moment in the production cycle; to see how it "feels," how users will react and interact with it, and to create excitement for those involved with the project.

Data-Driven Product Strategy


A spending user is a happy user. But many apps and games inadvertently put barriers in the way of a user's ability to spend. A successful product clearly shows its value proposition, prices (and targets) effectively and gets out of the user's way.


Listen to what your customers are telling you, but don't get caught up in the noise. If you don't understand where your users come from or what their behaviors are, it's much more difficult to know what they truly want. We'll help you figure out what data to track and we'll use our context, experience and understanding to help you turn that data into insights.

Beautiful Results


We don't put lipstick on pigs around here. We create beautiful art that lives on a beautiful framework to create a beautiful experience. That’s THREE beautiful's. We call it the 3-B's (no we don't).


There are 5 dimensions of Interaction Design: words, visual representations, space, time and behavior. You just engaged in all five... You read the typeset words next to images on your device in 7-seconds and as a result have decided to continue reading.