Pattern worked alongside PopCap's Bejeweled Stars team to help streamline the user experience, increase monetization and improve retention in some of the game's most important features.

After a broad set of changes across multiple screens, conversion increased by over 50% and average revenue per spender increased by 15%. Just as importantly, player engagement with all systems rose, showing the effects of improved clarity in UI/UX and player messaging.


You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, in this we case we went from one to nine. Gifting moments are crucial in rewarding a player for their time and money spent in a game. The goal of revisiting this feature was to create a celebratory moment that infuses the interaction with a feeling of chance and expose the player to what other rewards they could have won to increase future engagement.

Original Prize Claim Screen


Revised Prize Claim Animation


You want your game to have depth but not at the expense of hiding crucial conversion moments from your players. The original PowerLab Crafting screen presented the player with only a single option - Create! A large number of players would encounter this screen, see that they could not create the item because of insufficient gems (red badging), and subsequently exit. However, had they tapped Create!, they would have discovered the game offered the ability to Create Instantly using their in-game currency.

Surfacing Create Instantly alongside the original Create! call-to-action increased the use of this option, the spending of in-game currency, and engagement in PowerLab Crafting as a whole - a critical feature in meeting the KPI's for the game.

Original Crafting Screen

Revised Crafting Animation


As you might deduce by the name of the game, stars play a rather big role. A player can collect one to three stars per level (depending on score) and those stars are fed into the game's long-term objective of completing a Constellation. Completed Constellations reward players with in-game currency, boosts and key-art that represents the amount of time a player as dedicated to the game.

A small but dramatic change we did to this feature was simply surfacing the reward a player will receive, clearer call-to-actions and light visual refresh. This change not only better educated the player on how to obtain in-game currency but motivated a player to replay levels they may have only one or two starred earlier, giving players who had reached the end of content a reason to continue playing and slowing down those who had not.

Original Constellation Screen

Revised Constellation Animation